Who is behind the camera?

Well, here are 25 things all about me.

  1. I am named after my dads best friend, Jack.
  2. I’m passionate about creating great photographs that help people put a polish on their business or capture that perfect memory. Time will fly by, buy photographs will last forever.
  3. I grew up in the very Northern part of California in the small town of Weed. It's about one hour south of the Oregon border. It's small but beautiful.
  4. I am a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography.
  5. I am a long distance runner, but it stops at 13.1 miles.
  6. I am a mother of three.
  7. I have ten years of experience building my photographer's eye and tackling all types of weather here in the Pacific Northwest.
  8. I have been married to my husband longer then I lived with my own parents.
  9. I really hate being late.
  10. I love coffee and chocolate, but never together.
  11. My main passion is portraiture and capturing the true nature of people.
  12. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I believe everyone is beautiful even if they don't agree with me.
  13. I have played the flute since the fourth grade.
  14. Everything that I see is translated in my head as a photograph.
  15. My grandfather didn't do a great job photographing my wedding. It is the reason I believe everyone deserves good photos!
  16. My favorite color is yellow. It's bright and cheerful.
  17. My family rejoices when I don't bring my camera on a family vacation.
  18. On my family vacations I often feel like I miss a lot of awesome shots!
  19. I wanted to be the karate kid, but I send my daughter instead hoping she will become the karate kid.
  20. I live in Woodinville, but tell everyone in my family that it's Seattle.
  21. I could take photos all day long and frequently do.
  22. Sometimes on those days, I forget to eat.
  23. I am drawn to anyone with a camera. I won't ask questions. I just spy.
  24. Fun is something that I like to think I am throwing out to the universe all the time.
  25. I don't have a shy bone in my body, so I’m excited to get to know new people.


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